Published Jun 21, 2021Updated Jun 12, 2023
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The .valueOf() method returns the value of all the elements of the original array.




Create a new array with the same elements as programmingLanguages:

const programmingLanguages = ['JS', 'Python', 'Java', 'C++'];
const newArray = programmingLanguages.valueOf();
// Output: ['JS', 'Python', 'Java', 'C++']

Note: This method will not change the original array. However, if the original array or the variable which holds it (using the .valueOf() method) is manipulated, the value of the array will change accordingly.

Codebyte Example

The example below uses the .valueOf() method to return the fruits array and assign it to a variable myBag. The code then makes changes to the original fruits array by pushing a new element Pineapple. And the value of myBag will also change because it holds a reference to the same fruits array.


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