Published Jul 30, 2023
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The .with() method modifies the value of an element in an array. Since .with() is a copying method, it creates a new array.


arrayName.with(index, value);

.with() takes the following parameters:

  • index: The location of the array element to be altered.
  • value: The updated value for the array element.


Create and modify an array of colors.

let favoriteColors = ['blue', 'red', 'brown', 'grey'];
// Updating red to purple
favoriteColors.with(1, 'purple');

This results in the following output:

blue, red, brown, grey

Note: .with() was used to change 'red' to 'purple' in the example above. However, console.log(favoriteColors) still prints red. The reason is that .with() does not modify an array, it returns a new array.

// Create an array of favorite colors.
let favoriteColors = ['blue', 'red', 'brown', 'grey'];
console.log(favoriteColors.with(1, 'purple'));

This results in the following output:

blue, purple, brown, grey

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