A comment is a piece of text within a program that is not executed. It can be used to provide additional information to aid in understanding the code.

Single-line Comments

In JavaScript, single-line comments are created with two consecutive forward slashes //.

// Prints 5 to the console

A single-line comment can also be used to comment after a line of code:

console.log(5); // Prints 5

Multi-line Comments

Multi-line comments are created by surrounding the lines with /* at the beginning and */ at the end. Comments are good ways for a variety of reasons like explaining a code block or indicating some hints, etc.

The below configuration must be
changed before deployment.
let baseUrl = 'localhost/taxwebapp/country';

This syntax can also be used to comment something out in the middle of a line of code:

console.log(/* IGNORED! */ 5); // Still prints 5

Codebyte Example

Try commenting and uncommenting the code below:

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