Published Jun 22, 2021Updated Jun 5, 2023
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Called from an instance of the Date class, will return the seconds according to the local time.



The return value of getSeconds() will only be an integer number between 0 and 59, meaning seconds.


To determine if the match has ended or still ongoing:

const today = new Date('June 25, 2021 13:41:50');
if (today.getSeconds() > 50) {
console.log('The match has ended.');
} else {
console.log('This match is still ongoing.');
// Output: This match is still ongoing.

Codebyte Example

The example below defines a new Date object dateTimeNow, and then saves the result of the getSeconds() method in a new variable seconds. Finally, the current date\time, the current seconds, and the seconds remaining in the current minute are logged to the console.


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