Published Jul 22, 2021Updated Jun 2, 2023
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Returns the current time in milliseconds. The milliseconds count begins at 1970/01/01 at 00:00:00 UTC.



Note: Since now() is a static method of Date, it will always be used as Date.now().

Example 1

Print the current date in milliseconds:

const time = Date.now();
console.log(`The current date in milliseconds is ${time}.`);
// Output: The current date in milliseconds is 1626374486136.
// Note: your output may vary

Example 2

Calculate the number of months since 1970/01/01:

const time = Date.now();
// Output: 1626367528657
const minutes = 1000 * 60;
const hours = minutes * 60;
const days = hours * 24;
const months = days * 30;
const monthsSince1970 = Math.round(time / months);
// Output: 627
// Note: your output may vary

Codebyte Example

In this example, the function measures the time taken to execute a task. The code records the start time using Date.now() before the task and again after the task is complete.


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