Published Dec 31, 2021Updated Jun 21, 2023
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Removes the entry associated with a given key from a Map object.


The .delete() method accepts a key parameter and returns true if the deletion was successful. Otherwise, if the key does not exist, false is returned.



Data can be removed from a Map object using the .delete() method.

const fruits = new Map([
['Apples', 5],
['Oranges', 8],
console.log(fruits.delete('Oranges')); // Output: true
console.log(fruits.delete('Strawberries')); // Output: false

The first .delete() statement returns true because fruits contain an entry with Oranges as a key and has successfully removed it. The second statement returns false because an entry with the Strawberries key does not exist in fruits.

Codebyte Example

In the code below, a new inventory Map of consumable construction supplies catalogs the current quantities on hand. In this example:

  • Bob will log that he used a roll of tape by updating its value using the .set() method.
  • Bob noticed he used the last roll so he will remove it from the map using the .delete() method. He feels confident it worked correctly due to true being displayed in the console output.
  • Manny notices that there are no Tape Rolls left, but he doesn’t know Bob already called the .delete() method. He attemps to delete it and notices the console outputs false.

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