Published Dec 31, 2021Updated Jun 21, 2023
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Retrieves a value associated with a given key in a Map object.


The .get() method accepts a key parameter and checks it against a Map object. If the key exists in the map, the accosiated value is returned. If not, undefined is returned.



Values are retrieved by their keys from Map objects using the .get() method.

const fruits = new Map([
['Apples', 5],
['Oranges', 8],
console.log(fruits.get('Apples')); // Output: 5
console.log(fruits.get('Oranges')); // Output: 8
console.log(fruits.get('Bananas')); // Output: undefined

Codebyte Example

The code below uses a new Map that contains purchase orders. In this example:

  • Samantha will get the next purchase order that she needs to fill from the map using the .get() method.
  • Once the purchase order has been worked, Samantha will remove it from the map using the .delete() method.

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