Published Dec 28, 2023
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The .defineProperty() method defines a property on an object, either creating a new property or modifying an existing one. The method returns the modified object with the specified property.


Object.defineProperty(obj, prop, descriptor)
  • obj: The object on which to define or modify the property.
  • prop: The name or Symbol of the property to be defined or modified.
  • descriptor: An object that contains the property’s configuration, such as value or getter/setter functions.

The syntax above is used to define or modify a property on the object obj. The method returns the updated object containing the specified property.


In the example below, a name property is defined using the ``.defineProperty()` method. Then, to check the value of the property, by printing it to the console:

const person = {};
Object.defineProperty(person, 'name', {
value: 'John',
writable: true,
enumerable: true,
configurable: true,
console.log('Name:', person.name);

This above example will return the following output:

Name: John

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