Rest Parameters

Published Dec 1, 2023
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Rest parameters are a form of parameter tied to an array, which allows for the concise introduction of a variable number of terms in a function call. This is also called a variadic function. In JavaScript a variadic function can be created and called to accept an indefinite number of arguments by utilizing the rest parameter syntax ....


function functionName(...parameterName) {

The function should follow the same declaration syntax with the addition of the ... operator prefixing the parameter name. Each value will be applied separately to the function body.


The following code demonstrates a basic implementation of a rest parameter:

function sumVals(...vals) {
let total = 0;
for (let val of vals) {
total += val;
return total;
let nums = [2, 4, 6, 8, 10];

The above example will return the following result:


Alternatively, other values can be included to supplement the values in the array, as in the following code:

console.log(sumVals(...nums, 10));

Which yields:


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