Published Jun 2, 2023
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The prompt() function is serviced globally by the window object provided by the user’s browser. It displays a dialog with an optional message asking users to input some text.


prompt() expects up to two parameters.

Below are examples of how prompt() can be composed:



prompt(message, defaultValue)
  • message is used to display the title of the dialog.
  • defaultValue is used for an optional default value used in case the user does not input any data, otherwise prompt() returns null.


In the following code sample, the browser will automatically stop any running JavaScript code until the user clicks on the OK or cancel button. If the user clicks on the cancel button, 'Chihuahuas' will be printed out:

const dog = prompt("What's your favorite dog?", 'Chihuahuas');
console.log(`I really love ${dog}!`);

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