Published Nov 18, 2023
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The .periodUntil() function is used to calculate the difference between two LocalDate or Instant instances. This returns an object representing the difference between the two dates in terms date or time components depending on if the arguments are LocalDate or Instant objects respectively.


  • firstDate, secondDate: Specific civil dates without a reference to a particular time zone.
  • The return is a DatePeriod object that yields the difference between the dates in either date or time units.

Note: This method is part of the kotlinx-datetime library and will require some configuration prior to use, please see their documentation for implementation details.


In the example given below startDate and endDate are the LocalDate instances representing the start-date and the end-date.

import kotlinx.datetime.*
fun main() {
val startDate = LocalDate(2023,11,2)
val endDate = LocalDate(2023,11,3)
val period = startDate.periodUntil(endDate)
println("difference: $period")

The result of the above code is as follows:

difference: P1D

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