Published Oct 15, 2023
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Lua’s math.max() function is a standard function that is a part of the math library, and it is the best solution for determining the maximum value from a list of numerical inputs, regardless of the number of values in this list. Whether the task is just simple arithmetic or a complex mathematical algorithm, math.max() is a versatile and fundamental helper function for a variety of cases.

Note: math.min() is the opposing function, which will return the minimum value among a set of numerical values.


Since max() is a method from Lua’s library math, it is called as math.max().

math.max(value1, value2, value3, .....)

math.max() returns the maximum value among the input numerical values.

Example 1

To find the highest value among three variables:

a = 22
b = 23
c = 24

This results in the following output:


Example 2

In a comparison of two equal values the function will still return a single number:

a = 10
b = 10

This results in the following output:


Example 3

It also works with negative values:

a = -6
b = -10

This results in the following output:


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