Published Oct 3, 2023
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The .move() function copies the specified indices’ values from the source table into the provided starting index of the destination table.


table.move(a1, f, e, t, a2)
  • .move() function expects five arguments where a1 is the source table and a2 is the destination table.
  • f means from (First index within a1).
  • e means end (Last index within a1).
  • t means to (First index within a2).


Consider the following tables:

local Table1 = {"🍎", "🍌", "πŸ‡", "πŸ“", "πŸ‰" }
local Table2 = {"🍎", "🍌"}
table.move(Table1, 1, #Table1, 3, Table2)

In this example, the elements in Table1 have been copied to Table2 using the .move() function. Starting from index 1 in Table1 until the end and then copying them in sequence to Table2 starting from index 3.

The above code will result in:


Note: In Lua, indices start from 1; thus, the next available index in Table2 is index 3.

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