Published Sep 28, 2023Updated May 15, 2024
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A comment is text that the Luau parser ignores at runtime. They are useful for documenting code, leaving reminders for future modifications, or temporarily disabling code without removing it.

Single-line Comments

In Luau, single-line comments are created with a double hyphen --. Single-line comments extend to the end of the line.

type Point = { x: number, y: number }
-- This is a single-line comment.
-- It will not affect the execution of the program.
local p: Point = { x = 3, y = 4 }
print(p.x, p.y)

Multi-line Comments

In Luau, multi-line or block comments are created using double hyphens and double brackets --[[ ]]. The compiler does not read any text in between. Multi-line comments are commonly used at the top of files to describe the purpose of a library or module, before functions to describe their intent, and in many other cases.

--[[ This is a multi-line comment.
It will be ignored by the compiler
and will not affect the execution of the program. ]]
local function foo()
local name = 'Jane'

Multiple brackets can be nested inside of multi-line comment by using equal sign inside of the beginning and ending brackets, --[=[ ]=].

local String = 'Secret!'
if String == 'Secret!' then
print('What is your secret?')
--[=[ This is how [[[ multiple brackets ]]]
are nested inside of a block comment. ]=]

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