Published Jun 24, 2023Updated Jun 25, 2023
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In Markdown, emojis are symbols that are conveyed via text and/or shortcodes.


When using Markdown, emojis can be copied and pasted straight from sources like Emojipedia:

Markdown for a specific text image of emoji

Another method to use are shortcodes, emojis being described through words. These vary from application to application, so it’s important to refer to their Markdown style guide to ensure that the emojis are described accordingly.

: emoji:

Example 1: Markdown

An emoji is copied from a source like Emojipedia and used to signify the role being described in the heading below:

### Content Writing Team 📝

Example 2: Emoji Shortcodes

In the paragraph below, the shortcode is conveyed in accordance with GitHub’s standards:

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