Published Aug 6, 2021Updated May 4, 2022
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Emphasis can be added by making text bold or italic.


To bold text, add two asterisks ** or underscores __ before and after a word or phrase. To bold the middle of a word for emphasis, add two asterisks without spaces around the letters.

**bold text**

For example:

Please do **NOT** touch your pimples.

The output would be:

Please do NOT touch your pimples.


Text can be italicized by surrounding with either one asterisk * or one underscore _ on each side. Parts of a word can even be italicized by surrounding the letters with one asterisk, no spaces.

_Italic text_ is *awe*some!

For example:

This avocado egg sandwich is _very_ good.

The output would be:

This avocado egg sandwich is very good.


A strikethrough can be applied to text by surrounding with two tildes ~~, like in the example below:

I did ~~not~~ build a website.

The output would be:

I did not build a website.

Emphasis Combinations

Different formatting options can be combined:

**This is in bold, _italics_, ~~and strikethrough~~**

This is in bold, italics, and strikethrough

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