Published Aug 6, 2021Updated Aug 22, 2023
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In Markdown, a link is created by enclosing the link text in square brackets, [Link text], and then following it immediately with the URL in parentheses, (

[Link text](

For example:

We just updated our [Docs Contribution Guide](!

The output would look like:

We just updated our Docs Contribution Guide!

A title for a link can be optionally added. This will appear as a tooltip when the user hovers over the link. To add a title, enclose it in parentheses () after the URL.

Links should have link titles so that screenreaders can narrate them as well as a user can Tab through the page.

[Link text]( 'Link title')

For example:

My favorite Craigslist category is [Missed Connections]( 'The best place on the internet').

The output would look like:

My favorite Craigslist category is Missed Connections.

URLs and Email Addresses

To quickly turn a URL or email address into a link, enclose it in angle brackets < >.

The rendered output looks like this:

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