Built-in Functions

Published May 25, 2022
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NumPy has many built-in functions for mathematical operations and array manipulation. Selected ones are listed below.

Built-in Functions

Returns the maximum of a given array or maximum along an axis.
Returns the minimum of an array or minimum along an axis.
Appends values to the end of an array.
Computes the determinant of a square matrix.
Computes the dot product of two arrays.
Returns an array of evenly-spaced numbers over a given interval.
Returns an element-wise natural logarithm for an array.
Returns the median of the elements in a given array.
Computes the norm of a matrix, either across the entire array or along a specified axis.
Calculates the Xth percentile of the given data.
Rearranges the data of an ndarray into a new shape.
Sums the elements of an array over a given axis.
Performs the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) on a matrix, breaking it down into singular vectors and singular values.
Reverses or permutes the axes of an ndarray.
Computes the variance of the array elements.

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