Published Jul 11, 2023
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The array_merge() function combines one or more arrays together to form a single array. If any of the arrays have the same string key, the value of that key is overwritten with the value of the last element indexed by that key. For arrays with numeric keys the resultant array is reindexed beginning at zero. Calling array_merge() without any arguments returns an empty array.


array_merge(array ...$arrays)
  • $arrays is a list of arrays of variable length


The following example merges two arrays into one. The arrays $existing_usernames and $new_usernames both have the key "user2". The array produced takes the value of "user2" from $new_usernames since it references the key last.

$existing_usernames = array("user1" => "Joe", "user2" => "Bill");
$new_usernames = array("user2" => "Billy", "user3" => "Bob");
$all_usernames = array_merge($existing_usernames, $new_usernames);

The above code results in the following output:

[user1] => Joe
[user2] => Billy
[user3] => Bob

Codebyte Example

In the code snippet below array_merge() takes three arrays as arguments and combines them to create a single array. Run the example and note the change in indexes of the resultant array.


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