Published Sep 8, 2023
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The array_search() function searches an array for a given value and returns the first matching key for that value.


array_search(value, array, strict)
  • value: The value to search for.
  • array: The array to search in.
  • strict: Optional argument that defaults to false if not given. When set to true, the function will search for identical elements to the value. For example, a strict search for an integer will not match a string version of that integer.

Note: String values are case-sensitive for this function.


In this example, the h key is returned using the array_search() method.

$a = array("a"=>"andrew","b"=>"byrne","h"=>"hozier");
echo array_search("hozier",$a);

The output looks like this:


Codebyte Example

The following codebyte example can be run and uses the array_search() method.


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