The explode() function takes a string and splits it on a given delimiter string. It returns an array of the substrings produced.


explode($delimiter, $string, $limit)

The $delimiter parameter specifies the string on which $string will be split. The $string parameter is the string that will be split by the explode() function.

The $limit parameter is an optional int that specifies how many strings will be returned in the resulting array as follows:

  • A positive value will return up to $limit strings, if more than $limit strings can be produced splitting on $delimiter, the last element will contain the remainder of $string.
  • A $limit of zero is treated as 1.
  • A negative $limit will omit the last n elements from the result.
  • If $limit is omitted, explode() will return as many substrings as possible.

The $delimiter has the following behaviors:

  • If $delimiter is an empty string, explode() will throw a ValueError exception.
  • If $delimiter is not found in $string and a negative $length is used, an empty array is returned.
  • If $delimiter is not found in $string and $length is positive or omitted, an array containing $string is returned.
  • If $delimiter is found at the start or end of $string, empty values for each $delimiter will be added to the start or end of the returned array respectively.

Codebyte Example

The following shows three examples of the explode() function operating on one comma-delimited string.



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