Published Jul 7, 2023
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The str_ends_with() function checks if a string ends with a given substring.


str_ends_with( $string , $substring )

The str_ends_with() function has two required parameters:

  • $string: Specifies the string to check.
  • $substring: Specifies the substring to check for in the $string .

The str_ends_with() function returns a boolean value which is true if $string ends with $substring, and false otherwise.


The following example uses the str_ends_with() function to check if the "fiddlesticks" ends with "sticks" and then prints to the console:

if (str_ends_with('fiddlesticks', 'sticks')) {
echo " fiddlesticks end with sticks ";

The example will result in the following output:

fiddlesticks end with sticks

Codebyte Example

This example is runnable and uses the str_ends_with() function:

Note 1: The second echo statement will be true as all strings end with empty strings.

Note 2: The third echo statement will be false because the case does not match.

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