Published May 22, 2023Updated Jul 28, 2023
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The str_shuffle() function randomly shuffles the characters of a string. It generates a different order of characters each time it is called.



The str_shuffle() function takes one required parameter: a $string that is a string to be shuffled. It returns a string with the shuffled characters.


The following example uses the str_shuffle() function to shuffle the letters of the word "secret". Then the echo command prints the shuffled letters as a string to the console:

echo str_shuffle("secret");

The example can result in the following output (it can be any combination of the given letters):


Codebyte Example

This example uses the str_shuffle() function with a string.


Note: The output will vary each time this program is executed, as the str_shuffle() function shuffles the string randomly. The function should not be used for cryptography because it does not generate cryptographically secure random numbers.

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