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Published Jun 7, 2024
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The Image module in Pillow, a popular Python library for image processing, provides a comprehensive suite of tools for opening, creating, manipulating, and saving images in various formats. It allows users to perform a wide range of operations such as resizing, cropping, rotating, and flipping images. Additionally, the module supports converting images between different modes (e.g., RGB to grayscale) and accessing or modifying individual pixels, making it a powerful and versatile tool for handling image data in Python applications.


from PIL import Image

This statement imports the Image module from the Pillow library, which is a fork of the Python Imaging Library (PIL).

Image Module

Converts an image from one mode to another.
Returns a given image cropped to a specified rectangular area.
Changes the size of an image to a specified size.
Creates an image from a specified array.

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