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Published Jun 7, 2024
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In the Pillow library, the .crop() method returns a given image cropped to a specified rectangular area.


  • box: It is a 4-tuple representing the rectangular area of the image to be cropped.

This tuple comprises four integer values, i.e., (left, upper, right, lower). They signify the coordinates of the left, upper, right, and lower edges of the area to be cropped, respectively.


The following example uses .crop() to return an area within the provided image:

from PIL import Image
# The original image has a size of 1024x768 pixels
with Image.open('Photo.jpeg') as photo:
# Displaying the original image
# Assigning the desired crop region, which can be envisioned as (x1, y1, x2, y2)
(left, upper, right, lower) = (100, 100, 600, 600)
# Saving the cropped image to the 'croppedVarName' variable
croppedVarName = photo.crop((left, upper, right, lower))
# Displaying the cropped image

The above code displays two images as the output. Here is the first one, which is the original image:

Original Image

Here is the second one, which is the cropped image:

Cropped Image

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