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Published Mar 27, 2023
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The issubclass() function returns a boolean indicating whether a given class is a subclass of one or more classes.


issubclass(class, candidateClasses)

issubclass() take two parameters:

  • class: A validly defined class.
  • candidateClasses: A single class or type, or a tuple of classes and types.

If class is a subclass of candidateClasses (direct or indirect), True is returned, False otherwise.


The following example uses the issubclass() function to confirm whether myInfo is a subclass of the myAge class:

class myAge:
age = 36
class myInfo(myAge):
name = "Homer"
age = myAge
print(issubclass(myInfo, myAge))

This will print the following output:


Codebyte Example

In the following example, the issubclass() function checks the relationship between the Car and Color classes. While Color is a subclass of Car, the reverse is not true:


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