Published May 3, 2021Updated Sep 9, 2021
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A comment is a piece of text within a program that is not executed. It can be used to provide additional information to aid in understanding the code.

Single-line Comments

In Python, the # character is used to start a comment. The comment continues after the # until the end of the line.

# Comment on a single line
name = "Pied Piper" # Comment after code

Multi-line Comments

Python does not have a specific syntax for multi-line comments, unlike some other languages.

Instead, multiple # characters can be used:

# This is a comment written over
# more than one line
print("Hello, World!")

Another, less official way of writing comments in Python is to use a multi-line string. Python will ignore string literals that are not assigned to a variable, so multi-line strings (created by surrounding text with triple quotes """) can be used as de facto comments:

This is a string written over
more than one line
print("Hello, World!")

Codebyte Example

Here are some examples of comments in a Python program:

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