Published Sep 29, 2022
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The tqdm module allows for the generation of progress bars in Python. The name is derived from the Arabic word, “taqaddum,” which translates as “progress.” It is designed to have minimal overhead, using algorithms to predict the remaining time and to skip unnecessary iteration displays. It has about a 60ns (nanoseconds) overhead per iteration whereas other progress bar implementations can run an 800ns overhead per iteration. tqdm does not require any dependencies.

Note: tqdm requires an environment that supports carriage return (\r) and line feed (\n) control characters.


tqdm can be installed with the following pip command:

pip install tqdm


The most straightforward way to use tqdm is to wrap the tqdm() function around any iterable:

from tqdm import tqdm
from time import sleep
total = 0
for num in tqdm([1, 2, 3, 4]):
total = total + num

This results in output like the following:

tqdm Example

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