Regular Expressions

Published Aug 1, 2021Updated Jul 2, 2023
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Regex, short for regular expressions, is a powerful system for searching text. Regular expressions are implemented in a variety of languages including Java and Python.


Regular expressions are accessed by importing the re module:

import re

regex = r"this is a regex pattern"

For the most part, regex patterns are expressed with raw string notation (hence, the preceding r character).

The following entries explore some terms and operations related to Python regular expressions:

Regular Expressions

Matches or qualifies regular character patterns or other expressions.
Returns a list of every pattern match that occurs in a given string.
Returns a matching character pattern at the beginning of a given string.
Returns the first match of a character pattern anywhere in a given string.
Divides a string into substrings at each occurrence of the specified character(s).
Replace matching substrings with a new string for all occurrences, or a specified number.

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