Iterates over a string to find a subset of characters that match a specified pattern. It will return a list of every match that occurs in a given string.


re.findall(<pattern>, string)

where <pattern> can include any of the following:

  • A string: Jane
  • A character class code: /w, /s , /d
  • A regex symbol: $, |, ^

There are optional arguments that include the following:

  • A starting index value (pos): 3
  • An index value to end the search (endpos): 40

Example 1

Match all of the times in the string:

import re
movie_str = 'the evening shows start at 7:00pm and 10:15pm'
re.findall(r'([\d:,.]+)(am|pm)?', movie_str)
# Square brackets designate a custom character class
# Parentheses identify a group within the pattern
# Output: [('7:00', 'pm'), ('10:15', 'pm')]

Example 2

A regex to match all of the email addresses within a string:

import re
email_str = '''the emails are [email protected]
re.findall(r'\[email protected]\S+', email_str)
# \S matches any character except a space, tab or newline
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