Published Oct 18, 2023
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The maketrans() method is used for creating a translation table that can be used to perform character replacements or translations in strings. This method is particularly useful when there is a need to replace specific characters or substrings with other characters, or to remove certain characters from a string.


  • x: A string containing characters to be replaced.
  • y: A string containing characters with which x needs to be replaced.
  • z: A string containing characters to be deleted.

The maketrans() method returns a translation table, which can then be used with the translate() method to perform the actual translations or replacements in a string.


This example shows the use of maketrans() method to replace characters in a string.

trans_table = str.maketrans('aeiou', '12345')
str = "hello world"
newstr = str.translate(trans_table)

This code will result in the following output:

h2ll4 w4rld

Codebyte Example

The following code is runnable and uses the maketrans() method.


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