Published Aug 30, 2022
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A loop is used to repeat some operation a multiple number of times. In R, there are while and for loops.

While Loop

The statement(s) within a while loop code block will continue to execute as long as a declared condition is TRUE.

The following example will continuously execute the statements within the while loop block until the condition is no longer TRUE:

var1 <- 0
while (var1 < 100) {
var1 <- var1 + 1

For Loop

The statement(s) within a for loop code block will execute once for each item in a list-like data structure like a vector or list.

The following example will execute the statement within the for loop block for each item in the list:

NY <- list("Bronx", "Brooklyn", "Manhattan", "Queens", "Staten Island")
for (borough in NY) {

Additional control flow statements can be used within these blocks for both types of loops.

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