Published Jun 15, 2023
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The SQL TAN() function is a mathematical function that returns the tangent of an angle given in radians. It takes one argument, the angle, and returns the tangent value as a numeric result.


SELECT TAN(angle);

angle is the radian value, for which the tangent is calculated.

Note: The TAN() function operates using radians as its input, not degrees. To convert degrees to radians, the degree value can be multiplied by π/180.


In this example the following data is given in the table angles:

id angle_in_degrees
1 80
2 45
3 170

The TAN() function can be used to calculate the tangent_value:

SELECT id, angle_in_degrees, TAN(angle_in_degrees * (PI()/180)) AS tangent_value
FROM angles;

The output will be:

id angle_in_degrees tangent_value
1 80 5.67128181961771
2 45 1.0
3 170 -0.176326980708465

Note: For the use of this method with SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, or SQL Server, refer to their respective documentation for more details on the TAN() function implementation and compatibility.

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