Published Mar 5, 2023
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The .kerning() modifier adjusts the spacing size between text characters in a view.


Text("This text will have kerning applied.")

The .kerning() modifier offsets text character spacing by the amount (in points) and is applied to all text in the text view. The amount parameter is a float value. A positive value will increase the spacing size and a negative value will decrease it. A value of 0 will set the default text character spacing.


The following example creates some kerned text:

import SwiftUI
struct KerningView: View {
var body: some View {
VStack {

In the above example, the .kerning() modifier is called on three text views, contained in a VStack:

  • In the first, the kerning value is set to -5, decreasing the spacing between the characters by -5 points.
  • In the second, the kerning value is set to 0, applying the default spacing and so the text will not be affected.
  • In the third, the kerning value is set to 5, increasing the spacing between the characters by 5 points.

This will display:

SwiftUI ViewModifier .kerning()

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