Published Feb 20, 2023
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The .strikethrough view modifier method in SwiftUI can be used to strike through text within a view.

Note: This method is specifically for use with text, so it can be applied as a view modifier to any view that displays text, such as a Text or Label View. However, it cannot be applied to views that do not display text, such as an Image View.


Text("Some Text")

This method has two optional parameters:

  • active: A boolean value that determines whether the strikethrough should be applied or not. This parameter defaults to true.
  • color: A color value used to color the strikethrough. This parameter defaults to the color of the text.


The following example demonstrates how to use the .strikethrough() method to apply a blue strikethrough to text:

var body: some View {
Text("Here is a TextView with the .strikethrough() method applied to it using custom parameters.")
.strikethrough(true, color: .blue)

This will display:

SwiftUI ViewModifier Strikethrough

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