Published Mar 5, 2023
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The .textFieldStyle() modifier applies a specified style to a text field.


TextField("label", text: $bindingValue)

The style passed as an argument to .textFieldStyle() is applied to the TextField. Built-in styles are available in SwiftUI and it’s also possible to create custom styles.

Note: If .textFieldStyle() is called on a view, the specified style will be applied to every text field within that view, unless it has its own .textFieldStyle().

Here are some of the available built-in text field styles:

  • .automatic applies the default style to a text field.
  • .plain does not apply any styles to a text field.
  • .roundedBorder applies a rounded border to a text field.


The following example shows a TextField contained in a VStack, with a built-in style applied:

import SwiftUI
struct myView: View {
@State private var myName: String = "Sam Swift"
var body: some View {
VStack {
TextField("Name", text: $myName)

In the above example, .textFieldStyle(.roundedBorder) is called on the TextField, applying a rounded border style.

This will display:

SwiftUI ViewModifier .textFieldStyle()

The next example shows four text fields with different styles applied to them:

import SwiftUI
struct myView: View {
@State private var value1: String = "TextField with .automatic style"
@State private var value2: String = "TextField with .plain style"
@State private var value3: String = "TextField with .roundedBorder style"
@State private var value4: String = "TextField with custom style"
var body: some View {
VStack() {
TextField("Automatic Style", text: $value1)
TextField("Plain Style", text: $value2)
TextField("Rounded Border Style", text: $value3)
TextField("Custom Style", text: $value4)
// ↓ Custom textFieldStyle applied to the VStack view
// Structure creating a custom textFieldStyle
struct WhiteBorder: TextFieldStyle {
func _body(configuration: TextField<Self._Label>) -> some View {
RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 30)
.stroke(Color.white, lineWidth:2)

The example above has some text fields contained in a VStack with a purple background.

  • The first TextField applies the built-in .automatic style, which applies the default style.
  • The second TextField applies the .plain style, which doesn’t apply any decoration.
  • The third TextField applies the .roundedBorder style, adding a rounded border.
  • The fourth TextField inherits the parent VStack‘s custom style, and has a white rounded rectangle border applied to it.

The struct creating the custom TextFieldStyle called WhiteBorder() is also included below the VStack.

This will display:

SwiftUI ViewModifier custom .textFieldStyle()

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