Published Feb 26, 2023Updated Mar 2, 2023
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The .tracking() modifier method adjusts the spacing of the characters in a Text view.


Text("Some text")

The .tracking() modifier method takes one parameter, x, entered as an integer to define the space to be added to or deducted from each character’s default spacing in pt (points). The value of x can create the following trackings:

  • 0 or not specifying a value results in the system’s default spacing of each character,
  • A positive value applies additional spacing,
  • A negative value decreases spacing.

Note: .tracking() is not the same as .kerning(). Although both the .tracking() and .kerning() modifier methods adjust the spacing of the characters, they behave differently. .tracking() will pull apart the ligatures and does not leave trailing whitespace, while .kerning() will maintain ligatures and leaves some trailing whitespace.


In the example below, the .tracking() modifier method is called on three Text views with decreased, default, and increased tracking values.

var body: some View {

This will display the following:

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