Published Dec 2, 2022
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A label is a standard user interface component that includes an icon and a title. It appears in many different contexts like collections, lists, or buttons to name a few.


Label(myLabelName, systemImage: myImage)
  • A Label can be a stand-alone component.
  • myLabelName is a string that will be displayed on the label as text.
  • myImage is a string that will be displayed on the label as an image.
  • ViewModifiers can be used to display just the icon, text, or both, or automatically adjust based on the space available.


The following example displays a Text view that represents a number and two Buttons. The first Button uses a Label and the second one is a broken-down version of what Label actually accomplishes:

@State private var score = 0
var body: some View {
VStack(spacing: 20) {
Button {
score += 1
} label: {
Label("Add", systemImage: "plus")
Button {
score -= 1
} label: {
HStack {
Image(systemName: "minus")

Each time the user clicks either the top or bottom button, the score above will increase or reduce, respectively, by 1.

This will display the following:


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