Published Jan 18, 2023
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A Picker allows a user to select a specific data value between a set of data. It can be displayed with different styles based on the type of data and its ultimate use.


var body: some View {
    Picker("Title here", selection: Binding<Hashable>) {
        Subviews and/or labels here


In the example below, the @State property wrapper tracks the selected difficulty, and inside the body there is a Picker that allows the user to select a difficulty from a selection of difficulty levels that are stored within the enum.

enum Difficulty {
case easy
case medium
case hard
case extreme
@State private var selectedDifficulty: Difficulty = .medium
var body: some View {
HStack {
Picker("Level:", selection: $selectedDifficulty) {

A Picker can be created by providing a title or label, a selection, and the content to display. The selection parameter needs to be bound to an @State property which will keep track of possible changes in the selection.

The example above will display a Picker wrapped inside a HStack. In addition, the Text and Picker views are separated by a Spacer() which will push both views to the edge of the screen. All the available difficulty options are available within the picker as text views and the .tag() modifier differentiates between the selectable views.

This will display the following by default and when the picker is clicked, respectively:

Picker Picker Open

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