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Published Oct 28, 2023
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A prototype is an interactive design that maps out interactions and workflows in a digital product. Design software like Figma and Sketch allows designers to transform static designs into clickable prototypes.

When designing a product, wireframes are typically created before a prototype is made. A prototype builds upon the structural layout of wireframes by integrating higher-fidelity design elements and interactivity.

In the prototyping process, key interactions and user workflows are planned out to visualize how users may navigate through the product. Designers can evaluate and iterate on these interactions and flows through user research methods like usability testing, where participants interact with the prototype.

In addition to leveraging user research, effective prototypes incorporate best practices from interaction design, such as usability heuristics.

A screenshot of a mobile app prototype built in the digital design tool, Figma. The prototype shows navigation paths to the login and registration pages from the homepage.

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