Quantitative Research

Published Jun 13, 2022Updated Oct 11, 2023
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Quantitative research methods are those that collect numerically measurable data. These methods allow UX professionals to discover broad patterns, compare different designs and their trade-offs, and tie their work back to company goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Quantitative methods can be used at any stage of the design process, but are often used at the beginning and end of the design process, first to gain an understanding of the market or ecosystem, and later to evaluate the performance of a product or design.

Quantitative Research Characteristics

Compared to qualitative research, quantitative research generally provides high level data about a larger number of participants. Combining quantitative methods with qualitative methods can help explain the broad patterns behind user behavior.

Quantitative attitudinal data may include self-reported data from surveys and card sorting, while quantitative behavioral data focuses on assessing behavior from methods such as web analytics, A/B testing, tree testing, and eye tracking studies.

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