Technical Capabilities

Published Jun 8, 2022
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Technical capabilities refer to the limitations of what is possible for a product development team. Variables to consider include:

  • Design capabilities: After brainstorming, sketching, and wireframing, it’s time to transition concepts and ideas into testable prototypes. Are the proposed concepts possible to recreate in a design software environment and within the capabilities of the design team?

  • Development capabilities: Are the designs presented to the development team feasible and realistic to create given the project timeline, team size, and allocated budget?

  • Project Timeline: Is the project delivery date realistic considering the design and development capabilities, budget, and assigned workforce? Does the timeline allow for project redesign and rework?

  • Researcher-Designer-Developer ratio: This ratio refers to the number of researchers-to-designers-to-developers working on UX and design teams. Based on a study conducted by Nielsen Norman Group in 2020, the ratio was found to be around 1:5:50 for Researcher-to-Designer-to-Developer.

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