Matt Rogers
Snowsfields Primary School

"We have been using Codecademy at Snowsfields Primary for over a year now, and have recently adopted the lessons as part our of Year 6 computing curriculum. With the lesson slides, quizzes and practice exercises that accompany the interactive Codecademy courses, I am now more able to pitch the work to a wider audience of children. The materials are fantastic, easy to use and make my life as a teacher much easier. And the students love it!"

Ashley Judge
The Greneway School

"I have used Codecademy to teach myself to code, and now we use it with our higher ability year 8 students and as part of a lunchtime club. Our students are using what they have learned to write HTML code to create website designs. This year we have been able to issue many higher levels in this Scheme of Learning than ever before thanks to the use of Codecademy."

John Partridge
The Minster School

"We have used Codecademy at The Minster as an enrichment tool to help engage students in programming outside of the classroom. The range of courses and the step by step format really works. Students love showing how well they've done and what they've been learning. The points and badges create healthy competition and drive the students to complete the courses. I'm really excited about the new pupil tracker, being able to see how classes and individuals within them are progressing is fantastic."