1. course

    Learn JavaScript

    Beginner friendly,
    11 Lessons
    Learn the JavaScript fundamentals you'll need for front-end or back-end development.
    Language Fluency
  2. course

    Learn Intermediate JavaScript

    6 Lessons
    Take your JavaScript knowledge to the next level!
    Language Fluency
  3. Pro onlycourse

    Learn Asynchronous JavaScript

    2 Lessons
    Learn how to write asynchronous JavaScript using promises and async await syntax!
  4. Pro onlycourse

    Learn JavaScript Unit Testing

    4 Lessons
    Learn to write unit tests in JavaScript with Mocha.
  5. Pro onlycourse

    Learn CSS-in-JS

    Advance your CSS styling strategies with CSS-in-JS, a popular technique that allows programmers to write CSS styling in JavaScript.
  6. Pro onlycourse

    How to Debug JavaScript Errors

    2 Lessons
    Learn how to debug and handle errors in your code!
  7. Pro onlycourse

    Technical Interview Practice with JavaScript

    2 Lessons
    Learn key interview preparation skills and practice algorithmic problem-solving in JavaScript
  8. Pro onlyskill path

    Pass the Technical Interview with JavaScript

    36 Lessons
    Learn important fundamental data structures and algorithms, and build each one in JavaScript.
    With Final Project
  9. Pro onlyskill path

    Create a Back-End App with JavaScript

    Beginner friendly,
    29 Lessons
    Learn how to build back-end web APIs using Express.js, Node.js, SQL, and a Node.js-SQLite database library.
    With Final Project
  10. Pro onlycourse

    Building Interactive JavaScript Websites

    5 Lessons
    Learn the Document Object Model, the interface between JavaScript and HTML elements, and combine HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into exciting interactive sites!
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