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Tim Saunders
Tim Saunders
Tim Saunders

York, United Kingdom

Tim Saunders

York, United Kingdom

"Learning to code teaches you a way of thinking that can be applied to many other areas of life - I don't think people always appreciate that."

What can code do for you at work?

1. You studied Economics — why learn to code?

Last January I got a new job. I had new responsibilities and now new opportunities to develop myself in my role, so I started mucking around with Codecademy!

2. How have you used what you learned on Codecademy at work?

I work in the Accommodation Office at the University of York and we use Google Forms to automate housing transfer requests from thousands of students. I used the JavaScript I learned in Code Year to write a Google Apps Script that sends a confirmation email to the student and their administrator. The project grew from automated notification emails into a dashboard to manage the transfer process from start to finish, and produce some pretty graphs along the way.

3. Did learning to code help you land your new job?

My new job is in Data Analysis, and I firmly believe that Codecademy helped me develop the skills (not to mention improving my confidence) to get it. I’m definitely carrying on learning — I want to be coding full-time by the time I’m 30.

4. What advice do you have for those making a career change?

Find a project and own it. This helps you:

Develop transferable skills

Many of the key attributes my employers were looking for I was able to develop through my project; not just coding ability but testing and bug fixing, understanding users’ needs, process improvement and project management.

Apply what you’re learning

This was that first time I’ve found learning to code rewarding in itself, the first time I’ve been motivated to carry on going and the first time I’ve come away with anything useful to show for myself.

Offer another perspective

Learning to code teaches you a way of thinking and addressing problems which can be applied in so many other areas of life - I don’t think people always appreciate that.

5. What do you listen to while you code?

A song, my “coding anthem.” The last verse sums up why I think everyone should learn to code.