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Did you know 82% of Codecademy learners achieve what they set out to do? Codecademy Pro Student gives you the tools you need to set new goals and achieve them — for more than 35% off the regular price.

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Codecademy Pro Student membership

With student pricing on Codecademy Pro, eligible college students can get complete access to our interactive curriculum for over 35% off the regular price. Study, practice, and apply the coding skills you need to build the future you want.

  • Step-by-step guidance

    Pro includes Career Paths and Skill Paths that tell you what to learn and in what order. So you won’t waste time learning the wrong thing.

  • Better knowledge retention

    Our lessons are designed to work in tandem with Pro’s practice packs and quizzes. Which means you’ll actually remember what you’ve learned.

  • Real-world experience

    Getting things wrong is an important part of learning. That’s why Pro has unique projects that let you try on your own, then explain where you made a mistake.

  • Unlimited access to everything

    With Pro, you can make use of our entire catalog of curriculum and content. Plus earn certificates of completion for each course you finish.

Computer Science Career Path

This new Path is designed with students in mind. Get a strong foundation in all the skills and languages that are typically taught in a 4-year college CS degree. In addition to learning the abstract concepts that are fundamental to all of programming, you’ll also get hands-on experience that will help you problem-solve like a real programmer.

You’ll learn:

  • Python, data structures, and algorithms
  • Database fundamentals using PostgreSQL
  • The math and architecture of computer science
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Community Chapters

We know learning online can get a little lonely. So this year, we’re starting community-led local Chapters where students can meet up online or in person and support each other. Join an existing Chapter or create your own. Then start a conversation, get some motivation, or encourage someone else to keep going. Explore Chapters


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Featured curriculum

We have courses that span dozens of domains and all different levels of commitment. Here are three of our most popular ones for students, but there are plenty more where they came from. All courses

  • Learn JavaScript

    Learn the fundamentals of this flexible programming language in no time. Start now

  • Build Websites with HTML, CSS, and Git​hub Pages

    Master the languages and concepts required for this skill. Start now

  • Data Scientist

    Gain the broad skills and experience needed to start a career as a Data Scientist. Start now

  • Programming personality quiz

    No matter how your brain works, this quiz will help you find a programming language, course, and career that clicks. Start quiz

  • What do programmers do?

    This video explores popular programming domains and gives you a glimpse into the daily life of a programmer. Watch now


We’ve got dozens of cheatsheets ready to go, including the popular ones you see here. Use them as a general reminder or a go-to reference for the most essential info for any domain. You can even print them out.

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Get free Pro memberships for your high school class

We’ve partnered with Clever to give free Pro memberships to high school classes in the U.S. Teachers can sign up their entire class in a few simple steps using the link below.