Curriculum Guide for after-school, semester 1

This is a 15 week curriculum that covers HTML, CSS & basics of Javascript. During the courses, students will build several small websites with HTML and style them with CSS. The sessions will end with making a small game in Javascript, a versatile programming language.

HTML Fundamentals

HTML Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to HTML and its amazing use in our everyday internet life.

Build Your First Webpage

This project gets you building a webpage!

More HTML and basic styling

More with HTML

Lists, comments, viewing source code, styling your text.

Make a Recipe Card

This is the project for Week 14 of Code Year. Apply what you learned about formatting to create a recipe card.

Style webpages with CSS

CSS: Coding with Style

You've learned how to make a web page, now it's time to make it shine! With CSS you can control the look and feel of all the elements in HTML.

First Website Using HTML and CSS

Over the course of this project we will put your new skills into action to make your very first website using both HTML and CSS - let's see what we can create!

Advanced CSS Selectors

Advanced CSS Selectors

You have seen a glimpse of the magic of CSS selectors, and now it's time to grasp the full power and make the internet purdy once more.

Put It All Together: Build a Resume

Let's put you to the test: bring together everything you've learned about HTML and CSS to walk through building a resume for an alien named Zarz Borkelsnort.

Intro to CSS Positioning

Intro to CSS Positioning

This lesson will cover the box model, borders, margins, and padding. It also introduces CSS positioning, covering floats, clears, static, and relative positioning.

Create a Personal Webpage

Apply what you've learned about CSS positioning to create a personal webpage with a neat layout.

Advanced CSS Positioning

Advanced CSS Positioning

An introduction to absolute and fixed positioning. It follows an introduction to static and relative positioning.

Pizza Time!

Use your knowledge of advanced CSS positioning to build a pizza company website!