Introduction to APIs in Python

Learn how to use APIs to add real-world data to your applications! Learn to use NPR, Bitly, Sunlight Labs, Placekitten, and more.

How to use APIs

How to use APIs with Python

HTTP is the foundation of all communication on the Internet. In this course, we'll cover how it works and how to use it to request information from a server. Let's get started!

NPR (National Public Radio)


Learn to use the APIs that power all the NPR web and mobile apps. You can retrieve text, photos, and audio from your favorite NPR stories, use geolocation to find your local NPR station, or pull audio transcripts from your favorite program.


Getting Started with Bitly

Do you use social media, like Twitter or Facebook? Did you know that bitly is a great tool for sharing links and seeing how those links spread across the social web? This course will show you how to use the bitly API to shorten and analyze links, and how to search the bitly-verse for cool content being shared right now.

Sunlight Foundation

Using the Capitol Words API (Python)

Making Requests to the Capitol Words API


Acquire Kittehs!

In this project, we'll use Python to query a website and grab adorable pictures of kittens using Placekitten.