Code Summer +

Developed in partnership with The White House's Summer Jobs + initiative, Codecademy's upcoming Code Summer+ program teaches kids how to build fun games and apps.

How a webpage is made

HTML Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to HTML and its amazing use in our everyday internet life.

Put your skills into action

Build Your First Webpage

This project gets you building a webpage!

Special HTML tricks

More with HTML

Lists, comments, viewing source code, styling your text.

Webpages with pictures & lists

Make a Recipe Card

This is the project for Week 14 of Code Year. Apply what you learned about formatting to create a recipe card.

Style your webpage

CSS: Coding with Style

You've learned how to make a web page, now it's time to make it shine! With CSS you can control the look and feel of all the elements in HTML.

Styling your webpage

First Website Using HTML and CSS

Over the course of this project we will put your new skills into action to make your very first website using both HTML and CSS - let's see what we can create!