JavaScript (Original)

Learn to create simple applications and games with this introduction to the JavaScript language. By the end of this track, you’ll make your own Blackjack game!


Getting Started with Programming

Time to become a coding champ.


Learn how to write loops to make boring tasks quick and fun, then use them to build a game.


Functions in JavaScript

A guide through the basics of creating and using functions in JavaScript.

Review of Functions in JavaScript

A quick overview of functions, how to define them, and how variable scope affects when and where variables can be accessed within functions.

Hello, New York

A quick taste of programming suitable for even the busiest of New York schedules. (Apply what you learned in the Functions in Javascript course)


Conditionals in JavaScript

Conditional logic is a fundamental building block of learning to code. Learn to write code that takes different actions based on different conditions.

Dice Game

Practice your coding and conditional skills by making a virtual dice game.

Starting a Startup

Like all businesses, our startup has to worry about costs. So let's calculate some costs! This course is a level 1 application of what you learned in: Functions in Javascript.

Build a Blackjack Game, Part 1

Blackjack: Deal 'em Up

Put all your coding skills together to start building your very own interactive blackjack game!

Review Primitives in JavaScript

We're going to get into the nitty gritty of JavaScript.

Objects, Part 1

Introduction to Objects I

An introduction to object oriented thinking in JavaScript. Objects are the building blocks of object oriented programming (OOP) so we begin here!

Building an Address Book

This project makes use of objects in the context of an address book.

Olympic Tryouts

Help a coach organize their Olympic trials with data validation and recursive functions.

Objects, Part 2

Introduction to Objects II

A closer look at objects in JavaScript and an introduction to object-oriented programming concepts.

Building a Cash Register

The cash register has failed and the boss is not happy, help save the day and create your own cash register.


Loops in JavaScript

This course looks at for loops and while loops, as well as more on recursion. It finishes up with some neat extra tricks to make using loops even more useful!

Getting Dicey

This course introduces a deeper understanding of basic probability, and we take our dice game one step further!

Build a Blackjack Game, Part 2

Blackjack: Hit Me!

Continue to build your very own Blackjack game by applying your object skills!

FizzBuzz++: Return of the Modulus

This course is an expansion of FizzBuzz focusing on functions and objects.

Object-Oriented Programming

Review of Object-Oriented Programming

OOP is a programming technique that lets you write faster, safer code that can be reused and is used widely in JavaScript. We've covered the basics of object-oriented programming (OOP) before, but it is so important we wanted to review it and reinforce the concepts.

Cash Register Part II

We'll use recursion two times (!!) to make a cash register that tells you which coins to give your customers to make exact change.

Arrays and Loops

More Fun with Arrays

Javascript arrays are endlessly flexible. Find out all the interesting things you can do with them.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Part I

Recreate the classic game Rock, Paper, Scissors in JavaScript using nested conditionals, a user submitted string and a randomly selected string.


Recursion in JavaScript

Recursion is when you make a call to a function within the definition of that function. It is an essential and powerful programming tool, and also one of the more difficult concepts to understand.

Recursive Functions

Let's look at a number of fun ways to make use of recursive functions!

Build a Blackjack Game, Final

Blackjack: Final Game

Put it all together to finish a fully-working blackjack game!

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